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One Year FoodWorks e.V.

One year ago we founded the FoodWorks e.V. and it became an official association with a team of volunteers who joined the mission …”To promote and develop innovations and concepts for the sustainable and regenerative production and marketing of food, as well as the promotion of information exchange of knowledge and the cooperation between science, economy, and politics in Hamburg.”

Our dedicated members are Daniel Großer, Florian Weischer, Dr. John Lange, Hendrik Flügge, Regine Wolfgramm, Jürgen Leisse, Dr. Phanthian Zuesongdham, Christian Langer, Greg Jaeger, Dr. Falko Brinkmann, Friedrich Rantzau, Heiko Wandrey, Helen Marton, Diana Beate Krüger,

As a non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainable and regenerative practices in urban ecosystems, our team has been working toward improving the health and resilience of urban ecosystems by facilitating communication and collaboration between various stakeholders, including policymakers, academics, industry, and consumers. We are a platform for dialogue and knowledge-sharing between these stakeholders, and our goal is to develop innovative solutions to address urban environmental challenges. We encourage the adoption of regenerative practices on the farm and in the city, such as the use of renewable energy sources, the promotion of green infrastructure, and the implementation of sustainable waste and water management systems.

We received 2 more grants over this last year, from the upcoming Food Cluster and the Interreg Baltic Region /Kismet Circular Economy, to support our initiatives and will stage a virtual exhibit in June of 2023 to reach a wider consumer base with the understanding that food system transformation is the best leverage point for reversing the effects of climate change.

We also like to eat together!

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