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Research of the environmental potential & financial assessment to build a circular economic model for new food production with green energy.


For: Behörde Für Wirtschaft und Innovation Hamburg


By: Foodworks e.V.


The Food Cluster Hamburg & Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Kismet - Circular Economy support the FFC

Foodworks Association (the entity carrying out the Future Food Campus) is partner in the KISMET project, which is co-funding by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme 2021-2027. As part of the Hamburg Local Innovation Partnership within KISMET, the Future Food Campus will be local pilot case to apply and test the developed KISMET tools.and we will work toward changing consumer behavior for good, create circular business opportunities and make food chains and production more regional so that societies can make a big step towards climate-neutrality.

Altogether we received 3.63 Million together with 13 project partners to work on the “Enabling Programme for sustainable food environments”. For more details please click below.

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