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FFC works to empower farmers

Through the various network of meetings during the feasibility studies for the Future Food Campus the team hosted a workshop with diverse technologies but one mission and that being to create a more sustainable world for people and the planet.

Ira van Eelen, the founder of Kind Earth Tech and Respect Farm, and Ralf Becks, came to Hamburg to meet Christine Zimmermann-Lössl, the chairwoman of the Association of Vertical Farming and the FFC team to work on a business model that would combine different technologies on the farm.

They met first on the #Haidehof farm again to be introduced to the regenertaive practices there from Hannes Höhne and the inspiration was once again great! Continuing discussions with Florentine Zieglowski (working with the Respect Farm team), Alexander Berlin, Greg Jaeger, Florian Weischer and Eva Keretic, they spent many hours diving deep into cultivated meat and vertical farm technologies and how they might work together to find a turnkey solution for the farmer.

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