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KISMET and the Year in Review

As 2023 ends, The Future Food Campus Hamburg (FFC) celebrates a year of innovation and growth together with the Hamburg Authorities for Economy and Innovation (BWI) in our role with the #KISMET Interreg Baltic Sea Region Grant 🌍 💚

Our Story Through 2023:

💫 Kick-Off in Hamburg: Our journey began with an insightful event in Hamburg, showcasing local initiatives like foodlab., Hobenköök, Infinite Roots® (formerly Mushlabs) , BLUU Seafood and Gut Haidehof.

💫 Vejle Workshops: In Vejle, Denmark, we deepened our collaboration, developing a toolbox for our project. The workshops by Food Innovation House and Xamk - South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences were a blend of brainstorming and ideation, setting the stage for future progress.

💫 Valmiera Meeting: In Valmiera, Latvia, we explored local sustainable initiatives and learned about the impactful biodistrict collaboration between Södertälje, Sweden, and Latvia.

Coffee with #KISMET Series:

👉 Lithuanian Innovation Centre: The series kicked off with insights from Kauno Grūdai, discussing sustainability in corporate structures and local product competitiveness.

👉 Plant-Based Future: We explored the impact of plant-based diets on sustainability, featuring insights from the NGO „Gyvi gali”.

👉 Gastronomy and Culture in Finland: Highlighting the Saimaa European Region of Gastronomy 2024, we delved into the fusion of gastronomy, culture, and travel in Finland.

We are excited about the official founding of the Hamburg #FoodCluster in 2024. This initiative will embody the Quadruple Helix approach, integrating government, academia, industry, and civil society to foster innovation and sustainable development in food systems. The Food Cluster aims to be a hub for circular economy practices, sustainable food production, and regional development, contributing significantly to Hamburg’s goal of climate neutrality.

As we move into 2024, we're also looking forward to continue our work towards changing consumer behavior, creating circular business opportunities, and making food chains more regional. Our goal remains steadfast: to step towards climate-neutrality and a more sustainable future. 🌱♻️


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