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The Food Cluster is coming to Hamburg!!


Hamburg, October 10, 2023, 12:45 pm - The Senate today announced the establishment of the "Hamburger Food Cluster", a forward-thinking initiative aimed at enhancing collaboration within Hamburg's food industry. This move underscores the city's commitment to fostering sustainable nutrition and fortifying inter-industry ties.

Following a study from May 2022, it was discerned that the food sector in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region has immense potential, encompassing approximately 4,500 companies and 123,000 workers. The industry, currently in a state of transformation spurred partly by the corona pandemic and heightened consumer consciousness, faces new opportunities and challenges alike.

Dr. Melanie Leonhard, the Senator for Business and Innovation, expressed her enthusiasm, "Hamburg now harnesses a food cluster that will amalgamate and augment the city's industrial might. Our food sector has a vast spectrum, spanning from global food giants to emerging start-ups. This initiative will set Hamburg on course to become a pivotal hub in Europe's food industry."

The Food Cluster has earmarked six core objectives:

  1. Affordable and Enjoyable Foods: Prioritizing economical, ecological, and social sustainability.

  2. Sustainable Framework: Encouraging the circular economy and sustainable packaging.

  3. Sustainable, Innovative Production: Advancing towards climate-neutral processes.

  4. Food Hub Hamburg: Leveraging the international port as a global conduit.

  5. High Competence "Made in Hamburg": Representing premier industry expertise.

  6. Diverse Food Industry: Emphasizing production, trade, logistics, and catering.

Five strategic pathways are identified:

  1. Elevating Hamburg as a top European food industry competitor.

  2. Fostering a collaborative environment for innovation.

  3. Sustainable skills development vital for the industry.

  4. Creating ideal conditions for long-term competitiveness.

  5. Instituting effective and sustainable cluster frameworks.

The Food Cluster Hamburg GmbH will manage the cluster, retaining a majority 51% urban share. Notably, Süderelbe AG holds 5% while foodactive e.V. possesses 44%, emphasizing its regional orientation.

Local food industry entities are invited to actively participate and contribute to the cluster's future. Collaboration is underscored as essential to address upcoming challenges. We at the Future Food Campus are thrilled about the opportunities that will arise out of this founding to build a more sustainable and innovative food system for the city.

The cluster's official establishment will ensue following further parliamentary reviews and the subsequent approval from the Hamburg Parliament.

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