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KISMET goes to Latvia

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Partner Meeting in Valmiera, Latvia

This November, we had the opportunity to meet in Valmiera, Latvia, for the pivotal "KISMET" project, backed by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. Our goal? To collaboratively shape a destiny deeply rooted in sustainable food environments. 🌱

With 13 passionate partner organizations from around the Baltic Sea, we're steering the course towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Our focus? Embracing circular economy, regenerative farming, new food innovations, short food chains, local production, and minimizing food waste.

🔍 A Glimpse into Our Journey:

  • 🌿 The Valmiera Development Agency provided valuable insights into local food and agriculture sectors, spotlighting sustainability potential in the Valmiera county.

  • 🍻 We delved into the world of local craft brewing at Valmiermuizas alus SIA, understanding the vital role of local industries in sustainable food systems.

  • 🐄 A visit to GRASBERGS dairy farm revealed the importance of additive-free, preservative-free dairy in responsible farming.

  • 🌱 "LAUX" showcased the transformative impact of regenerative farming on our ecosystems.

One of the highlights was exploring the blossoming biodistrict collaboration between Södertälje, Sweden, and Latvia. This partnership exemplifies how meeting and exchanging ideas can ignite and inspire real change, driving forward the transformation of our food systems. 🤝

Through our collaborative efforts, we're not just envisioning but actively building a sustainable food future. A future that values local production, minimizes waste, and champions regenerative, circular practices.

Stay connected as we continue to work toward a greener, more sustainable world!

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