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Future Food "Leuphana" Campus

Shaping New Food Systems together with the Future Food Campus

Professor Michael Braungart, leader of Cradle to Cradle Design and Life Cycle Economy Systems, will offer a seminar together with the founder and driver of the Future Food Campus, Eva Keretic. The idea is to introduce future food technologies and regenerative systems designs with life cycle systems. The hope is to stimulate creative thinking for circular food innovation systems for cities.

The learning objectives of the course will entail research and development and the communication thereof for an innovative circular designed system that combines engineering excellency to overcome waste and optimize energy while producing food for the city. There are various fields we are presently developing: Communication and the collaboration for future food technologies, regenerative agriculture and it's benefits, circular design systems, urban ecosystems, optimization of energy water/ waste input output streams, reinforcing planetary and people health. The course will offer insights into future food technologies like cultivated meat, precision fermentation, plant based foods, and vertical farming. It will also research circular system designs i.e. digestors, heat tech., grey/black water recycling, renewable energy.

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