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Marc Buckley comes to Leuphana

Thank you Marc Buckley 🌍 for inspiring the Leuphana University of Lüneburg students at the start of the our new course “Shaping New Food Systems for the Future together with the Future Food Campus”!! 💚 🌍

Back in the beginning of my adventures researching #verticalfarming you opened up so many doors to The Climate Reality Project with Al Gore, #cop and #food conferences, game changing authors, and #futurefood technologies as a whole.

That was all behind the basis of #thefuturefoodcampushamburg and that is why it was so fitting that you should open up the eyes to the world of opportunities for the next generation at Leuphana. You truly are an #inspiration to so many!!

Together with Michael Braungart and these brilliant students we hope to work toward impactful change and #innovation for a more #resilient world! 🚀

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