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FFC Kick-Off Workshop

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

September 4th 2021: We invited all of our advisors to an all day workshop at the Haidehof.

After many months of communicating via video calls and thanks to the funding from the IFB bank with their #updatedeutschland initiative, we were able to meet and begin collaboration on our vision for the future of food technologies in Hamburg

“Growing together organically is the most conducive way to creating sustainable innovation!”

In the beginning...

Kathrin Haug, the newly appointed President of the Handelskammer Innovation Committee for Innovation and Research, invited a diverse group of innovators in 2020 to the HK Group. There many working groups were formed, amongst them the the Foodworks Group initiated by Eva Keretic. After becoming a member of the climate reality project founded by Al Gore, Eva chose future food reform as her solution to the ever impending climate crisis. She was able to convince various members of the HK group to join her on creating a lighthouse project for Hamburg that would change the way we produce food in the future.

Florian Weisher, Dr. John Lange, Dr. Christian Langer, Phanthian Zuesongdham, Heiko Wandrey, Thorsten Knauf, Fabian Friedrich, Dr. Falko Brinkmann, Dr. Ralf Belusa, and Nieky Ipektchi all joined forces on the "Foodworks" team, as volunteers in the Handelskammer to donate their competences toward a more progressive future for the city. Through constant updates and throughout the Corona crisis they stuck together to put the vision Eva Keretic had onto paper and then share it with the vast network of contacts in and outside of the food industry.

At the same time Eva Keretic and Florian Weischer collaborated with #projecttogether and the #updatedeutschland initiative through the help of Alexander Berlin and Vanesssa Gsettenbauer they were able to receive a scholarship to invite Greg Jaeger to work on the technical details of the project and the IFB Föderbank in Hamburg to support the feasibility and communication prospect of the Future Food Campus in Hamburg.

Within the funding proposal Eva and her team (Greg, Alex, Helen and John) were able to invite Professor Joel Cuello, during his European business travels, to partake in the kick off workshop and Mazen Rizk, the Co-founder from Mushlabs. They and the rest of the team sat down (virtually with Christelle Thiesen -GEA New Innovations, and Daniel Alvarez - Engineer consultant) to lay down the first blueprints for the campus.

Hosted by the backdrop of the regenerative farm #Haidehof the stage was set and the #nextgenregeneration system was further developed with a better understanding of what was necessary to invent an ecosystem for potential novel food startups and what we could offer global as well as local players at out future campus.

Sunshine, brilliant conversations, food catered and harvested from the farm all led the participants to leave with hope for the climate, the possibili of a more sustainable food system, as well new friends and colleagues who are part of a team aiming to #innovateforchange .

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