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The Food of the Future

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The Future Food Campus will transform agriculture and strengthen the innovation landscape.

Following the launch in the Chamber of Commerce, a groundbreaking concept was developed that is intended to make the Hanseatic city a pioneer of sustainable innovation - and could serve as a model for the entire food production sector. For this purpose, Eva Keretic and her fellow team supporters are acquiring partners and stakeholders in Hamburg's business community, but also worldwide.

The concept is now being realized step by step. At the center of the project is the imposing "Future Food Campus": a building that will unite the production of food on the basis of innovative technologies, the principles of renewable energies and, above all, a closed-loop economy. It will include vertical farming, bioreactors, and green technology that converts waste into energy, which in turn will be used to grow crops - all under one roof. The aim is to optimize the entire value chain in a sustainable way.

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