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FFC seminar with Michael Braungart at Leuphana a huge success!

Shaping New Food Systems with the Future Food Campus was a first of it's kind in that Eva Keretic invited speakers from various Future Food Technologies as well as Regenerative Farming and Sublimation Practices to inspire the GenZ students at Leuphana University in Lüneburg. Michael Braungart the founder of Cradel-2-Cradle was instrumental to creating the back drop for collaboration between nature and our urban development by offering this kind of a course.

The students received personal insights into vertical farming, precision fermentation, cultivated fish, sublimation, regenerative farming, the Good Food Institute, Circular Design, bioreactors on the farm, living within our planetary boundaries, and how to communicate and market Future Foods.

We would like to thank:

Prof Michael Braungart, Marc Buckley, Seren Kell, Prof Joel Cuello, Raffael Wohlgensinger, André Schiefner, Cathy Hutz, Hannes Höhne, Florentine Zieglowski, Peter Westerhoff, Greg Jaeger, and Hendrik Flügge for their inspiring stories!!

Keep calm and Stay Inspired!! Time to make a change!!

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